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New things for the shiny new community. A drabble and two icons. Drabble horribly unbeta'd - sorry. The first icon is.. spoiler-ish. But to be fair you will have had to have been hiding under a rock for the last 12months to be spoilt. Still, for those that don't know *anything* about series three, stay away. The second icon's spoiler free though :)


Much later, long past when he had meant to leave, Harry set his glass down with a definitive clink. He stood slowly, wearily. It was time to head home, to escape and find a little peace. Though the onslaught of concern he'd find there was perhaps the reason he'd come here first.

He was at the door when the last rebuke came. "You're taking all very well, Harry. Almost like a professional."

"The moral high ground's a bit of a sandbank for you, Tim." He replied wearily, pausing just long enough to glance back. "The tide could come in." so as to not spoil people....

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